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March 21, 2013
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Mendel and His Peas

Chapter 1 Sweet Aquaintance

 Have you ever felt out of place? Like you just don't fit in? You're not alone. I've been feeling this way since I've started grade school. I'm wasn't sure why, until I took a really good look at my family albulm. Everyone had sweet milk chocolate brown hair and eyes. While, I stood there with snow white hair and golden eyes, smiling. I'm that one rose you never seen in a meadow of daisies. An odd ball. The brightside is that I have a loving family. Yet, I'm fifteen and my only friends are my three brothers and my parents.
I guess that's part of what god has prepared for me. I know he has created a big road me yet to take, for now I must deal with the pain of being different.

I slowly pull on my uniform fixing my light pink tie. I let the snow fall from the tight bun I had tied earlier. I watch as soft curls bounce on my shoulders. It's a shame no one seems to find my hair as beautiful as I do. I pick up bag from my desk stuffing my note books and homework into it. I feel chill down my spine, already unprepared for whatever
shall come out of today. Slipping quietly out of my room, trying to go unoticed by my younger brother Alec. Almost reaching the door, I feel warm arms hug me around the waist.
I smile feeling a sweet warmth in my heart.

"Bianca, today you'll be strong right? I promise I'll be good as well," he said sweetly. I held his hands for a moment and give them a reassuring squeeze. "I will be a good girl today, Alec", I promised, letting go of his hands and heading toward school. I love Alec, and I hate that I can't exceed his expectations. All my actions are redundant. I promise,fail,come home crying,and beaten. I wish I wasn't this way, if I weren't weak I think life would be better. Bianca, the name taunts me, it means white. My mother named me Bianca because of my hair. I can't help but feel ugly knowing how different I am.

I stop in front of the small closed Forest of Miraculous Gifts. Apparently, it's dangerous. But, there is a stronger rumor going around that there is a spirit that lurks within the forest searching for the one who will give people what they lack in order to escape their problems. I want to believe it's just a rumor, but I always stop here thinking the spirit will come help me. "It's just a rumor..a fairytale,"I murmur to myself. I see dark red eyes watch me through a tree. I walk toward it, and a small black cat jumps from it. It looked at me as if it were deciding whether I was worth it's time. Suddenly, he bolted off deep in the forest. I sigh, assuming it what nothing.

I walk up to the door and place my hand on the door. Goosebumps run up and down my arms. The walking hell comes to this school, and by living hell, I mean Yuki. A girl with fiery orange hair and green eyes, perfectly matching her blazing personality. I walk in relieved to see that Yuki hasn't arrived just yet. I walk with a skip in my step, hoping that she may not come at all. I grin hoping she's fallen with the flu. Quicker than a blink off eye I'm on the floor, my bones aching from the weight on top of me. I've spoken too soon. "Miss me snow?", she laughed. I reached behind my back to get the back of her leg. I'm sucessful and I pull her down. She falls off me and I quickly scatter like a mouse on the floor. I quickly get up and try to escape, until I'm pushed against a locker.

"I would've caught you faster but you pretty damn quick. I don't need a white haired rat beating me. I really don't appreaciate your horrific attitude. You're repulsive,"she laughed walking away. I slowly pick myself up ready to throw my words at her when someone helps me up. The blue eyed Abel looks at me concerned and fixes my hair. "Don't push yourself she's not worth wasting time on. You poor thing, you have a bruise on your arm,"he said carefully looking at my arm. My face burned red, and so did Yuki's. This was a better insult to her than I could've came up with. Her cush insulting her behavior. Although I appreaciated his concern, I backed away. I knew if I stop accepting his help it would prevent any further abuse. He looked surprised.

"Thank you Abel I appreaciate it. I'm alright though. I'm just a little low on strength but I'm good. Don't worry. Bye bye Abel," I said as I walked away. He touched my arm and then it stung very badly, it felt like something was being engraved into my arm. "I'm not so sure Bianca, but if you ever need anything I'd be more than happy to help,"He assured smiling. I watched him walk away. Holding my arm, I left as well. I hid a smile in my heart, what he said was the highlight of my day so far. Unfortunately, good things don't last very long. All day Yuki has "happened" to hit me or spill something on me. No matter hard I try to avoid her she still finds me. When school ended my shirt was a mess.

I felt sick. I knew something would happen today. I stop by a tree in front of the forest entrance and slid onto the floor. "I really need to start bringing extra clothes. Or just start wearing amor to protect me from her blows. It's so peaceful here. Ow ow, my arm, my arm!," I whine. I look at my arm and Ifind something that wasn't there before. "What the hell...I don't remember ever having a heart shaped birth mark,"I say confused. I get up and lift up my arm so I can see it clearly. I'm right, there is a heart shaped mark on my arm. " Did Abel do this? How though? Is he the spirit?," I looked suprised but I'm grinning at the thought.

I hear something jump from the tree. A jet black haired boy with deep red eyes stared at me. And I stared back in awe, he also posessed the features of a cat's ears and tail.
"Please, don't insult me like that. That weakling doesn't deserve such praise,"He laughed, then he frowned,"What is that on your arm?" Speechless, is just stood there. He groaned and grabbed my arm. "That greedy pig! Abel! I will kill you!," he hissed. I pulled away shocked and glared at him. "Don't you dare insult some one as sweet as him like that," I shouted back.

Amused, he grabbed my arm. "Some so "sweet" would engrave his mark on something that is rightfully mine! I saw you first, I just haven't put my engravement on you yet. You can't just belong to him like that. He's sicking, now let me cover his trace!," he said angriliy. I struggled and kicked trying get away, whatever this engraving means I don't want another it burns badly. Wait, he's the spirit? Could be that he has been waiting for me? I open my mouth to say something but he kisses the scar on my face. A warm feeling made me blush, but right after it burned! I winced holding my cheek and arm.

He sat in front of me ust watching me suffer. "What are you a sadist?! What did you do to me? My whole body feels like it's engulfed in flames!," I screamed. His red eyes shimmered. "I engraved my mark onto you, proving you are mine. And completely erasing
his exist in your heart. I am truly Ashe the great and powerful forest spirit!" He sang with glee. I swored when I saw him smile his hair flashed white.

"I'd hate to burst your bubble but, his is still there. Oh look they're over lapping eachother!,"I said excited. His face went white,"Your kidding you're one of those types of people who can have two owners?" He he pulled a beanie over his head and over his eyes angry. "Dude! What the hell?! I swear I will rip you into peices Abel!", he yelled.
He sighed and stared at me calming down. He put his head against mine.

"We'll just have to begin a new adventure with that pig, huh? Now that I've claimed you, you can never be out of my sight. So I'll just need to figure out how to stay with you all day. And I guess I'll start living with you too,"He smiled and patted my head,"And now we begin forever."

"I guess so-wait forever?!,"I questioned with wide eyes. He nodded with a big grin on his face.

Forever?? And what is the deal with the whole cat ears and the markings? Forever? FOREVER?!
This Chapter 1 Sweet Aquaintance.
It's short.
It's pretty bad. I made a lot of spelling mistakes so I'll edit those later.
So don't flip out on me.

I'll make a journal about all the characters later.

Hoped you liked

Next: Coming soon.

Written by me :iconzestystarjewel:
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But, I belive it's not my best. But all I can do is get better!
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langapol Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
So, I'm now here to say the same thing ~bearbalam1999 said...
It's pretty good, Jewel! heheheheh
I liked it very much and your story is dozen of times better than mine!
And i didn't write just one, I began three stories at the same time... and, didn't continue one of them! heheheheheh
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